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My Wholesale Account
Do i qualify for a wholesale / drop shipping account?
  Stockists are selected in a variety of ways, all applications are dealt with individually.
Drop Shipping - Online
  Using our drop shipping service you can sell our products through your online store without having to keep that product in stock.

Upon approval of a drop ship account you will receive the required information and marketing material needed to list the desired products in your store, when one of our products are purchased you simply send us the receipt and we will ship the item directly to the customer.
(details of all processed orders are visible through your drop shipping account)

1. Your customer places an order from your website
2. You process the order through our website
3. We dispatch the items to your customer
4. We send dispatch confirmation back to you
How do I apply for a wholesale / drop shipping account?
  Please contact with your store details.
Using my wholesale account
  Wholesale accounts can be used in the same manner as a normal customer account.
Why buy from us?
  The Co provides on going marketing and support for our resellers. Upon approval of a wholesale account a permanent discount will be applied for orders through our online store, you will also gain access to special wholesale only products and packs.